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Christmas with Dickens by Pen Vogler

Christmas with Dickens by Pen Vogler
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"...a charming evocation of the dishes that crop up in Dickens." Review of Dinner with Dickens, Evening Standard"With tempting illustrations, it's a lovely look at Victorian food." Review of Dinner with Dickens, The BooksellerNo author is more closely associated with the food of Christmas than Charles Dickens, and with this collection you will be able to recreate classic Victorian dishes and drinks of the season, as featured in the writings of `the man who invented Christmas'. From Mrs Cratchit's plum pudding to Mr Pickwick's 'mighty bowl of wassail', Charles Dickens's novels and other writings are alive with examples of good food being enjoyed in good company. In this selection of Victorian classics, updated for modern cooks, you will find old favourites for Christmas dinner such as roast goose and chestnut mince pies, plus recipes for entertaining, such as lobster patties and a Charlotte Russe.

There's even a recipe for a hand-raised pork pie to keep in the larder for unexpected visitors (or escaped convicts).

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