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Max's Picnic Book by Max Halley (Author) , Benjamin Benton

Max's Picnic Book by Max Halley (Author) , Benjamin Benton
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Irreverent, eccentric, Maxs Picnic Book is the follow up the Sunday Times Bestseller, Maxs Sandwich Book. Both an ode to the art of eating outdoors, and an entertaining, frivolous reinvention of it, Max and Ben willfirst redefine what the picnic is, and celebrate its true potential, before creating 16 themed menus. Including ingenious hacks think flavoured salts for dipping eggs and soft-serve with a shot of espresso as well as twists on familiar favourites, this book about how and why we should picnic.

Interpreting the ways in which we can eat outdoors through the eyes of their picnicking heroes, such as Hunter S Thompson, Mary Berry and Snoop Dogg, the reader will be left with a broadened perception of what a picnic truly is.

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