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Cook House by Anna Hedworth

Cook House by Anna Hedworth
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How to leave your job and open a restaurant even if you're not sure how. Have you ever dreamed of quitting your job and starting a business of your own, cooking delicious food to make people smile? Anna Hedworth did. She opened Cook House: an award-winning restaurant housed in two shipping containers.

Self-taught chef and proprietor Anna tells the story of how she plucked up the courage to realise her dream - from designing a restaurant, to menu planning, growing her own produce, foraging locally and cooking every day. Cook House is a book filled with more than 100 delicious recipes as well as a story to inspire the millions of others who dream of jumping ship. 'Anna is as impressive in her storytelling as with her food' JEREMY LEE.

'One of my favourite books of the last few years. Recipes I want to cook, things I want to eat ... A book that surprised me and delighted me, one that is staying in the kitchen' RACHEL RODDY.

'Inspiration on every page ... This book makes you want to down tools and get cooking' JULIE JONES. 'Anna's enthusiasm bursts from the pages ...

Cook House made me laugh out loud and hungry. It's brilliant' JAMES WHETLOR.