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Cracking Anatomy by Ken Okona-Mensah

Cracking Anatomy by Ken Okona-Mensah
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From your dividing cells to your beating heart, this book takes a comprehensive look at the human body and reveals the extraordinary way your anatomy and physiology intertwine. In 13 illustrated chapters, Cracking Anatomy makes sense of all the body's systems, explains medical terminology and explores questions including:* How does your brain really see you?* How does age affect your muscles and bones? * How and why cells die?* Why the shape of a criminal's hands could be used to help identify them?* Can you exercise too much? * Which of the five senses is most important?* What triggers puberty?* Why your immune system has more than one line of defence?* Why anatomical quirks are more important than you think?* How long does it take for your body to digest food? * How many times does your heart beat in a day?* Why do we sleep?An accessible, comprehensive and fully illustrated guide to this absorbing area, Cracking Anatomy will both educate and excite all readers.