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Gin Galore by Sean Murphy

Gin Galore by Sean Murphy
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Scottish gin has never been more on trend. It's currently undergoing a massive revival, fuelled in part by the boom in small craft distilleries which have reinvigorated and transformed the gin market. Gin can be relatively simply produced - which enables craft gin distilleries across Scotland to create a refreshing range of boutique products, many of which are making some seriously big waves both in this corner of the world and beyond.

Did you know, for example, that a Scottish gin has recently been crowned the `World's Strongest Gin' - taking the title from a Swedish distillery?World Gin Day and the Scottish Juniper Festival - plus the huge boom in spending on gin in the UK - mean there's no better time to be a gin fan, to get to know Scottish gin and the intriguing stories behind it. This guide will make the perfect companion for gin lovers across Scotland and the UK, as well as gin-loving tourist visitors to Scotland...

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