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Take One Tin by Lola Milne

Take One Tin by Lola Milne
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Our kitchen cupboards are full of tins - tomatoes, chickpeas, tuna, kidney beans, sardines, sweetcorn, even figs - that often are used as an addition to a recipe but never the main ingredient. Take One Tin is a celebration of tinned ingredients, offering 80 recipes that take one tin and make it the focus of the meal. Arranged to showcase the range of tins available, the chapters begin with the staple that is Beans and Pulses, followed by Tomatoes and Vegetables, which play a central role in countless dishes, then Fish, and finally Fruit and Sweet Tins.

The last chapter offers a few tasty accompaniments to eat alongside your meal. Lola's creative but simple recipes, such as jackfruit & red kidney bean chilli, sweetcorn fritters, Sri Lankan mackerel curry and pineapple, coconut & lime upside down cake make the absolute most of ingredients you will already have, topped up with some fresh ingredients. Substitutions are also suggested should you not have every ingredient to hand.

Save money, be creative and waste less food by looking in your cupboard instead of visiting the supermarket.

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