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Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit by Craig Oliver

Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story of Brexit by Craig Oliver
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'THE BOOK THAT WILL SET WESTMINSTER ABLAZE' Mail on Sunday 'Utterly fascinating...indispensable to appreciating this extraordinary phase in our history.' JOHN SIMPSON 'The compelling insider's account' NICK ROBINSON 'This is one of the most vivid, frank and exciting inside accounts to have been written for years.' ANTHONY SELDON 'A gripping fly-on-the-wall account.' ROBERT PESTON As David Cameron's director of Politics and communications, Craig Oliver was in the room at every key moment during the EU referendum - the biggest political event in the UK since World War 2. Craig Oliver worked with all the players, including David Cameron, George Osbourne, Barack Obama, Angela Merkel, Jeremy Corbyn, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Theresa May and Peter Mandelson. Unleashing Demons is based on his extensive notes, detailing everything from the decision to call a referendum, to the subsequent civil war in the Conservative Party and the aftermath of the shocking result.

This is raw history at its very best, packed with enthralling detail and colourful anecdotes from behind the closed doors of the campaign that changed British history.